Welcome to my homepage and thanks for stopping by!

Here you will find some recordings of mine, as well as photos and information about my past and current flutistic activity!

Previeus and Upcoming concerts:

23/2/20, 1/3/20- Gala in Köln
16/11/19- Vivaldi double concerto and Bach in Waisenhaus Potsdam
21,22/9/19- Beethoven Mass in Berlin
23/8/19- season-opening concert of Kammerakademie Potsdam, "Fiesta", Nicolaisaal Potsdam

31/7-8/8/19- Germany tour with the Jewish-Arab- "Galilee chamber orchestra" :

31/7/19- "Galilee chamber orchestra" in Konzerthaus Berlin!

4/8/19- "Galilee chamber orchestra" in Rathaus Hannover

6/8/19- "Galilee chamber orchestra" in Osnabrück music festival

8/8/19- "Galilee chamber orchestra" in Reihngau Festival Wiesbaden

6,16/7/19- Babylon Orchestra Berlin, Metropolis

13/4/19- Kammerakademie Potsdam in Nikolaisaal Potsdam

23/3/19-Preußisches Kammerorchester in Prenzlau

3/3/19- KlangVerwaltung at the Prinzregenten Theater Munich

9-14/2/19- Kammerakademie Potsdam tour in Germany- Potsdam, Erlangen, Braunschweig and Wiesbaden.

7/2/19- Recital Traverso, Berlin

25/1/19- Munich Chamber Orchestra in Moscow

13-15/12/18- Munich Chamber Orchestra in: Munich and Grenoble.

8-9/12/18- Jenaer Philharmonie, Massenet in Würzburg

30/11/18- Berlin Symphoniker- Debussy, Boulanger

24-25/11/18- Brahms/Stravinsky with the "Neues Kammerorchester Potsdam"

18/11/18- Brahms Requiem Berlin 

28/10/18- Jenaer Philharmoniker, Jena


15/9/2018- Israeli Music Festival

13/6-9/7/2018- Berlin Symphoniker Tour to Japan!

3/6/2018- Berlin Symphoniker at the Philharmonie Berlin

26/4/18 MKO München Kammerorchester concert in Munich

30/3/18- Markus Passion with Bell’arte Salzburg at Izhoe

23-30/3/18- Recording Markus Passion with Bell’arte Salzburg 01/04/18 Concert Tour with Klassische Philharmonie Bonn

22/2/18- MKO München Kammerorchester concert in Munich

30/1/18- Concert in Konzerthaus, Berlin

21/1/18- Barock Concert, Berlin

5-9/1/18- Munich Chamber Orchestra residency at the Cartagena Festival de Musica, Columbia

21/12- Concert presentation of the early flute, Gran Canaria, Spain

15,17/11- Marathon HaTeiva, Tel Aviv. G.Crumb and D.Heusnger

19-24/10- Magnifikat with Israel Camerata Jerusalem

8-10/10- Russia Tour with Munich Chamber Orchestera

11-14/5/17- Concerts with the ,,Neubrandenburger Philharmonie"

22/4/17- "Playing with electricity". Solo flute with electronics in a new contemporary music series in Tel Aviv

23-24/2/17-  Éclairs sur l'au-delà... by Messiaen at Staatstheater Cottbus

15-19/2/17- Israel Camerata with Reinhard Goebel

4/2/17- ,,Rebeccas Schatten" at Theater Stralsund

4/11-10/12/16- Julie, chamber Opera with Theater Magdeburg

24/10/16- st Matthew passion. Abu-Gosh Festival 

29/5-1/6/16- concerts with Else Ensemble. 

9/4/16- Emmanuel Pahud with Israel Camerata Jerusalem. Jerusalem Theater.

1/4/16- Bar Giora, Tel Aviv. new original songs. 22:00

Berio and Marclay with Percussionist Ziv Stein. 5/3/16- Music by Cage, Neotoaster, Berlin 19:30

31/12/15- Florence. New year's concert with Orchestra del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino (opera house of florence), Vladimir Jurowski


New recordings from last year's progect: Barbarische Schönheit- Telemann and the Polish music



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