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Singer Songwriter

My debut album- "Ishkuf" was released in summer 2014. It included 7 songs I wrote to hebrew poetic lyrics by Yona Wallach, Yehuda Amichai and Chanoch Levin as well as original texts written by me.


The Album received great reviews from music journalists in Israel describing it as

"one of the most pleasing hebrew albums I've heard recently" (Guy Tene)


followed by concerts in all of Israel in 2014-15 it was received well by audiences in the whole country.


Ishakuf was produced by Shaul Besser and many good musicians took part in it's making.

for me it was a great first step in this interesting and rewarding musical path.

in the time after that I took part in several smaller projects and in 2016-17 new musical materials which I'm very excited about will come out.

AVNER GEIGER.  flutist.

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